Cafe4tune is social network with online thematic cafes, free broadcasting, realistic 3D environment. Video chatting doesn’t require installing any plugins.

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Have the latest changes on our website surprised you?
That is just the beginning....
You'll be positively shocked when you find out about all new tools and options of the website.
Now, it is possible to purchase artworks of painters and artists from all over the world directly
through the 3D gallery. Moreover, it is simple to contact the artists and agree on a price.
For the next step we would like to introduce the users an opportunity to purchase Clothes and
Accessories (Footwear, etc.). Not only it will be available to view in 3D format at a 3D store,
but also it will be possible to try on the items and feel how they fit. All that can be done via unique
mechanism, specifically created to compare the measurements of the user in 3D format and the chosen items.
Browse, Place the order, Contact the seller directly and Get discounts!
Do not forget to rate and share your views about the sellers and their products!
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